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December 24, 2021 (Calendar)
Visual Novel

Too Many Santas! is a Christmas-themed visual novel developed and published by Oh, a Rock! Studios. You play as a toy store owner, who's sales and love life are both in shambles. Desperate for at least one of these to change, they make a wish on a Christmas Star, inadvertently triggering the start of this humorous holiday adventure.

Your wish causes six different Santas to visit the store, with their names (Sexy, Saintly, Sleepy, Sassy, Sad, and Secret Santa) giving away what each one's personailty is like. You get the choice to date one of these Santas, with each one leading to a naughty or nice ending. Each route is relatively short and come with simple choices to make, making for a relaxing visual novel experience perfect for Christmas morning.

Developer Quote

You don't know what's worse: your love life or your toy store's sales reports. Desperate for some yuletide loving (and some new customers!), you make a wish on a Christmas Star.

That's when your store is visited by not one, not two, but SIX Santa Clauses. It's simply TOO MANY SANTAS! Can you watch all of them and run the store at the same time? Or will you be caught up in the sweet Santa romance?

Too Many Santas! The short visual novel where YOU get to date Santa Claus! And Santa Claus, and Santa Claus, and Santa Claus...