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This Means Warp
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This Means Warp is an action casual indie strategy sci-fi title where up to four players in local or online co-op can create their own destiny in a procedurally generated universe. All the maps, items, and enemies, and encounters are randomized, so players will never have the same run twice.

Players will be able to purchase new weapons and systems for their ship, fight increasingly challenging foes, and choose their own path through encounters that are both varied and dangerous. If the ship is destroyed, it's game over, so the guns, shields, and systems will have to be used correctly in order to survive. 

This Means Warp will launch on Steam's Early Access program in Early 2022.

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Play solo or work together with up to 3 crewmates as you make your own destiny in a procedurally generated universe. Purchase new weapons/systems for your ship, battle increasingly challenging enemies, and choose your path through a wide array of varied and dangerous encounters. The stakes are high - if your ship is destroyed, it’s game over!