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TDM The First Men
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Gathering Tree
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TFM: The First Men is a simulator based on the stories of the first men, and is inspired by creation myths, Knights and Merchants, Rimworld, and fantasy RPG's. Players will develop their region and develop their character's Body, Heart, Soul, and Self attributes to progress, which will give players hundreds of traits and skills to use. 

Players will be able to lead multiple parties through an ever-changing world that rewards exploration. When you inevitably have to fight something, you'll use the game's tactical real-time with pause combat system, so be sure to train and synergize your warriors appropriately for the best chance at winning on and off the battlefield.

TFM: The First Men will release in Steam's Early Access program in Spring 2022.

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A strategy simulation based on stories of the first men. Infinite possibilities await your very own Adam and Eve as they embark on a generation-spanning adventure. How will you shape their future?