T-Minus 30

T-Minus 30 City Builder Game
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Dejobaan Games
Grey Alien Games
Release Date
August 26, 2021 (Calendar)
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T-Minus 30 is a fast-paced city builder that gives you 30 minutes to build a city from nothing, in order to save as many as you possibly can before time runs out. You'll scavenge resources, build up infrastructure, and then build as many rockets as you can. You have 30 minutes to build a sprawling city from nothing and rescue as many people as you possibly can. Scavenge the ruins of cities, log forests, mine mountains, and build a fleet of rockets all the way until the buzzer.


Developer Quote

T-Minus 30 is a fast-paced, single-player city builder where you plan a city and assemble a space fleet to escape a dying Earth.

You must scavenge a post-apocalyptic environment to build infrastructure, grow crops, generate power, and build rockets to save as many people as you can. All within 30 minutes of play.

Mind you, however you play, you can't save everyone, and people will still end up dead.

But that's life.

- Explore abandoned ruins of a once-bustling civilization.
- Mine skyscrapers and junkyards to reclaim plastics and metals.
- Explore procedurally generated landscapes, from small, arid maps with scarce resources to large, forested maps replete with ancient ruins.
- Create the infrastructure to convey energy, water, and other resources to your ever-expanding base of operations.
- Save as many souls as you can before the world ends in 30 minutes!