Superbugs: Awaken

Superbugs: Awaken
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Together Games
Together Games
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March 23, 2022 (Calendar)
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Superbugs: Awaken is a co-op game for two players fighting against the deadly Superbugs. Two roles can be chosen: Daddy Scientist and Sonny Hunter, as both of you try to save your cat, Mimi. Communication is essential, and can mean life or death: the words "Crunchy" or "Puff" Cheetos have more meaning in this game than perhaps anywhere else. While skills can be used, they have a side effect for your partner, so players not only have to worry about the superbugs, but about side effects that may lead both of you to a colorful grave.

Superbugs: Awaken is now available on Steam.

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A Communication-Based, Co-Op game for 2 Players fighting against an army of deadly Superbugs. Choose one of the 2 distinct roles, Daddy Scientist or Sonny Hunter, with communication as your only weapon to save your precious cat, Mimi!