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PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
July 13, 2022 (Calendar)
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Super UFO Fighter is an action game that features 1v1 combat, where players will need to defeat their opponents by depositing the "target" item into the goal. 

There will be different stage items for the player to take control of in order to keep the enemy from scoring. Players will use their handy UFO Shwoop beam in order to defy gravity and snag the item right out from under the enemy's nose. Players may also use the beam to intercept the item from the enemy, throw their enemy across the map, or even attack their opponent directly. The choice is up to the player on how to secure a win, and anything goes. The game also includes special items that spawn in during the match which have various advantages for players to utilize. 

There are several game modes to choose from including a training mode, online play, local multiplayer, and more! 

Developer Quote

The space sport "SUPER UFO FIGHTER" is all the rage in the galaxy. And UFO pilots, known as Shuforians, are battling it out today!