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Super Lesbian Animal RPG is, true to its name, a turn-based RPG starring transgender fox Melody Amaranth. Melody is deeply in love with her best friend Allison, who has her heart set on being an adventurer. In order to stay with her love, Melody decides to take up becoming a healer. It can't be that hard, right?

The game offers a fairly traditional JRPG in terms of gameplay structure. You'll explore towns and dungeons, battle enemies, and gradually get stronger. Along the way, you'll meet an unforgettable cast of anthropomorphic animal characters. Creator Bobby Schroeder also promises "a bunch of superfluous optional dialogue" for you to find.

Currently, a free demo is available to try.

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Super Lesbian Animal RPG is a short but sweet game about love, anxiety, and fighting funny looking monsters in dungeons. It follows the stories of Melody, her new girlfriend Allison, and their friends Claire (a sarcastic, rule-bending witch) (she is also trans) and Jodie (a dependable, somewhat motherly knight).