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BKOM Studios
Release Date
October 13, 2022 (Calendar)

Sunday Gold is a point-and-click, RPG hybrid set in a dystopian future. A group of three criminals, Frank, Sally, and Gavin, find themselves teaming up against corrupt billionaire Kenny Hogan after a job gone wrong. They must work their way through London, dealing with criminals and finding clues, all leading up to the final confrontation with Hogan.

Gameplay is split into two parts, exploration and turn-based combat. Investigating around London will see you interacting with various characters, dealing with the occasional puzzle, and completing various character-specific minigames. Each character's strengths and weaknesses also plays into combat, with all three needing to work together to take down tougher enemies.

Developer Quote

Finalist in the 2022 Gamescom Awards for both ‘Best Role-Playing Game’ and ‘Best Indie Game’, Sunday Gold is a point-and-click, turn-based adventure game set in grim, dystopian future. Play as a ragtag trio of criminals to hunt down and expose the dark secrets of an evil mega-corporation and the malevolent billionaire behind it.
Experience a unique hybrid of escape room style puzzles, turn-based combat, and RPG mechanics tied together with a dark and cinematic storyline.