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Humble Bundle
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December 31, 1969 (Calendar)
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Staxel is a game that is well on its way to combining some of the better parts of Minecraft and Stardew Valley in a unique package. This title developed by Plukit and published by Humble Bundle starts players off in a town that has quite a few issues all ready for you to fix. You're here to take over a farm, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before you'll be able to really get things going.

Players can elect to go through a short in-game tutorial or skip it entirely. Once they get started, they'll have the complete freedom to progress through Staxel at whatever pace is most comfortable to them. There are no real restrictions on the farm itself - you can build it as small or as large as you like. You can work with the land as it is or try to level everything out into a nice, organized operation.

Aside from growing crops, players can also elect to raise animals. Once you've done the sensible thing and built a pen or barn, you simply have to place a trough and keep it filled with the correct type of food for the animal you're raising. After a few days of growth, you'll be able to regularly collect wool, bacon, eggs, or milk depending on which animals you've decided to raise. Apiaries also exist in the current version of the game, giving players the opportunity to harvest delicious honey.

The townspeople will occasionally have quests for you to undertake. They may be simple fetch quests like finding a lost phone or missing socks. The real heavy hitters are the quests which ask you to erect new buildings for the town or construct homes for people who want to move to your little village.

Outside of these things, there are plenty of interesting side activities like bug collecting, fishing, and robust crafting & cooking systems. Staxel gives players a whole island to explore filled with things to do and all the time in the world to do it.

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