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October 22, 2020 (Calendar)
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Star Shaman is a action-heavy VR experience with some roguelite elements from indie developers Ikimasho.

Bring the world back to life from the Architects of Entropy, who have transformed the world into cold, boring cubes all around you. 

Cast spells using the Shaman sphere to invoke a wide range of weapons and fight your way through spectacularly looking galaxies ravaged by the Architects of Entropy, all to the beat of a French Touch soundtrack to score your progress. Hop from planet to planet and in a stunningly beautiful and procedurally generated universe where no playthrough is ever the same, bring vibrancy back into the world around you.

Using the simple spellcasting system, which is fully motion-based, Star Shaman offers free range of movement and play for any individuals looking for a refreshing VR experience. Star Shaman is available for the PC.