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Square Enix
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December 5, 2019 (Calendar)
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Travel back before the 4th dimension was a thing to the first Star Ocean game. Remade in 2008, Star Ocean: First Departure brought the game to a wider audience, and now it comes to you again with an enhanced release on modern consoles with Star Ocean: First Departure R.

Prepare to explore the Star Ocean series trademark mixture of fantasy and science fiction and see where the series began, and the roots it laid that has helped it stay around despite varying qualities in later sequels. Choose between the original or remake Japanese voiceovers, or turn on the English ones for a unique experience!

The remake (Star Ocean: First Departure) was developed by Tose and released in 2008. It was the first time the game was released in English. Star Ocean was originally released in 1996 on the Super Famicom, but never got a European or North American release.

Developer Quote

Space Date: 346.

From a power yet undiscovered, a new generation will be born.

Our tale begins on the primitive planet of Roak where Roddick lives in the peaceful and uneventful town of Kratus.

As a member of the village’s local “Defence Force” tasked with the protection of Kratus, Roddick learns of a mysterious disease that has broken out in the neighboring town. Those infected turn to stone, but continue to live on in a petrified state.

Roddick, along with his two friends Millie and Dorne, make their way to the neighboring town. Informed of a cure for the sickness, they head to Mt. Metorx where a healing herb is rumored to grow. When they reach the summit, the party encounter Ronyx and Ilia, who appear before them in a pillar of light.

Thus, the story of STAR OCEAN begins...