A Song in the Void

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March 15, 2019 (Calendar)

A Song in the Void is a first-person platformer where players terraform a planet using magical music called the Songstream. Travel across five major hub islands and complete multiple levels while unlocking more of the soundtrack.

Here's more from our friends at Armogaste:

"A Song in the Void is a single player platformer in first person, set in a world where everything is tied to the music. Search for audio tracks dispersed throughout the land to reassemble each island’s musical theme and restore harmony. Discover the fate of your people and foil the plans of an AI with the wrong priorities.

Across the land you’ll encounter over 40 puzzle-arenas of increasing difficulty, set upon five islands with their own unique personality and musical theme. Each island features its unique environment with its specific dangers and challenges. Every aspect found within these environments reacts and grows with the music. 

  • Single Player Platformer
  • 5 exotic Islands
  • Over 40 unique arenas
  • 6-8 hours of gameplay
  • Original dreamlike soundtrack
  • A poetic narrative"

From the Game Jolt page for A Song in the Void:

"A Song in the void is a 3D platformer with low poly esthetics with a subjective view set in a world where everything is linked to the music. Lost on an alien planet, you are alone and represent the last best hope of a near extinct civilization.

With the power of music, you will terraform your surroundings so as to prepare a new home for your people.

You will collect musical spheres that are dispersed throughout five islands, and you must triumph against more than different challenges based on sound.

This musical platformer harks back to gameplay inspired from games such as Portal or Journey.

The creator of the game is an aficionado of Myst and wanted to bring back some of the nostalgia from this adventure game veteran.
Mysterious islands, story driven choices made by the player at the end of the game, and multiple challenges that can be done in different ways."