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Solace State is a 3D visual novel that hopes to help open up a dialogue and let players think about social situations differently and with a new perspective. This sci-fi story tackles the concept of a surveillance society as the main character, Chloe, tries hacking her way through the city. The story presents difficult choices that players have to make between the various factions in a city rife with inequality. Citing trip-hop and K-pop as inspirations for the game's soundtrack, expect a stylish dive into the visual novel genre that makes you question the modern, technologically advanced world we live in.

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Solace State is a 3D visual novel about a young hacker, Chloe, who comes to her political awakening as she seeks out her friends in a sci-fi surveillance society. Make challenging choices in a city fractured by inequality and intrigue, and shape different factions that are fighting for their livelihoods.

Face it. Change it.

A dynamic storytelling experience where the camera “hacks” through architectural city environments to reveal key story information, written onto the 3D space. Characters live and chat in a 3D space. This is no 20th century visual novel!
A deeply emotional story that balances the future of diverse characters from all walks of life.
Choices matter: Your negotiation prowess and manipulation of people's data influence how much freedom can foster in the East-Asian inspired metropolis, how you can retain your friends and even let a touch of romance bloom.
Fashionable, hand-painted characters and urbanscapes.
A dynamic trip-hop and Kpop-inspired soundtrack that sets the edgy, youthful atmosphere.