Seven: The Days Long Gone

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Fool's Theory
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December 1, 2017 (Calendar)
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Seven: The Days Long Gone is a game developed by Fool's Theory, a team of developers who worked on The Witcher series, and IGMN.PRO. The game puts you in the shoes of Teriel, a master thief who's sent to a prison island known as Peh. The daemon Artanak resides in his mind, tasking him with a quest to get something for Emperor Drugun on behalf of the Vetrall Empire. Teriel is promised a way off the island if he helps Artanak, so the two set on a quest to travel across the open world of Peh to learn about the ancient technology that fuels this Dark-Ages-meets-cyberpunk world.

Stealth is a prominent feature of Seven, with Teriel living up to his profession. You can use traps, hide in bushes, and sneak around enemies to get through all kinds of strongholds and get what you need. The game is played in an isometric perspective, but you can scale most buildings in the game, making vertical space an important thing to consider with every step. If you're caught by guards, the game still offers some options for a way out. Teriel can equip all sorts of blades to fight enemies head-on, but there's also nothing wrong with running away and trying to lose the guards.

Peh is characterized by a brewing civil war between the Technomagi, a military wing of the government focused on understanding and using ancient technology, and the Biomancers, the religious part of the empire that wants to distance the people from high-tech artifacts. Teriel finds himself in the middle of these tensions as he stumbles upon some artifacts of his own. Travel around the varying landscapes of the prison island and infiltrate all sorts of compounds along the way to help Artanak in his cryptic quest to save the Vetrall Empire.