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Filament Games
Filament Games
PC, Windows
Release Date
December 31, 2020 (Calendar)
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Play in your own workshop sandbox with a customizable robotic pal with RoboCo, from developer Filament Games. 

RoboCo puts your engineering talents to the test as you solve tricky, open-ended challenges by building a custom robot to do tasks for you. Have your robots climb obstacles, deliver sandwiches, prepare dinners and show off their dance moves. Each has customizable controls and parts that will determine how your robots move and operate, plus tons of cute cosmetics to add a bit of flair to your metallic creations. 

Along with the standard challenges, RoboCo offers a full-blown sandbox mode to create whatever robot suits your needs.

RoboCo is available on the PC, with a release date coming soon, and will be available in both normal and VR modes.