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PC, Windows
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December 31, 2020 (Calendar)
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Roadwarden is a fantasy RPG which combines classic text-based RPG gameplay with retro isometric pixel art and the storytelling flair of the visual novel.

Coming from publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Moral Anxiety Studio, Roadwarden offers a web of fantasy quests amid a perilous fantasy world. Players can craft their character's backstory, class, abilities and personality, shaping relationships with NPCs, filling the protective role of Roadwarden and uncovering the true nature of this mysterious world.

The title is a PC exclusive, coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux in Q4 2020, available on Steam and other digital platforms.

Developer Quote

Does your face flush with fervor at the thought of fantasy questing? Perhaps you enjoy a certain element of visual storytelling? If so, buckle in and listen up — publisher Assemble Entertainment (best known for point-and-click adventure Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry) and developer Moral Anxiety Studio today are unveiling Roadwarden!

Featuring a fantastic isometric pixel art style and classic RPG elements, Roadwarden takes the fun of text-based adventures and adds to it a heaping helping of the visual novel genre to create a truly original adventuring experience.

In Roadwarden, set for a late 2020 release, you play as roaming adventurer, messenger, and general-purpose hero in a dangerous and magical world. As your story begins, a powerful merchant guild has requested your services, sending you on a journey to a mysterious peninsula in the hopes of expanding the guild’s influence. You are meant to explore this place and gather as much information as possible to reveal the secrets surrounding the area. It’s a dangerous task, but an equally respectable one. Do you have the courage to meet all the requirements that define a Roadwarden?