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October 20, 2015 (Calendar)
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Rebel Galaxy is a game that puts you in command of your very own spacecraft as you head out into the vastness of space in search of your aunt. She's mysteriously disappeared and it ain't exactly safe out there — you'll have a lot of fights ahead of you.

The ship you start out with in Rebel Galaxy is pretty okay, but it's best to invest your earnings into getting something bigger and better. You can eventually work your way up to commanding massive capital ships that fire multiple powerful weapons at once. The combat focuses largely on naval style "broadside" fighting at the higher end.

What's more, Rebel Galaxy doesn't punish the need to upgrade your stuff. There is no loss of money when selling a piece of equipment or trading in a ship in Rebel Galaxy, so feel free to try out something new at very little risk.

From the Rebel Galaxy website:

Epic Space Combat

You’ve played space games before… You chased the reticle, fired your lasers, launched a missile or two. Just a tiny ship amid the chaos of the battlefield.

Not anymore.

Now with Rebel Galaxy, you’re in control of an enormous destroyer, bristling with weaponry, firing massive broadside volleys, burning holes in cruisers, and bringing down fighters by the score. Or you will be if you can just earn a few extra credits. Maybe the militia won’t bother to scan your hold.

Fragile Alliances

The universe isn’t empty – it’s filled with a cast of weird, untrustworthy, endearing, or downright hostile characters.

In Rebel Galaxy, you will interact with other ship captains, some hostile, some desperate for your help. You’ll meet shady characters in even shadier station bars. You’ll even have to bargain with inscrutable tentacle-faced alien freaks.

If you’re silver-tongued, you might make a few friends or at least temporary allies. Or you could make ’em beg. Your call.

Random Universe

Rebel Galaxy takes place in a massive, randomly generated universe filled with nebulae, junkyards, asteroid belts, and ice fields.

No two star systems will ever look the same. Explore. Discover new trade routes. Scavenge from the hulks of derelicts. Mine. Hunt. Protect the less fortunate, or prey on the unwitting.

This Isn’t a Strategy Game

Rebel Galaxy has been designed from the outset for spaceship combat action.

It’s not about clicking and issuing orders. It’s about feeling the concussion of a broadside blast, and the impact on your deflectors as they absorb a particle beam meant for your shield generator.

Zoom in to control an individual turret and blast incoming torpedoes out of the sky. Lock onto a series of targets and let a fan of image-recognition missiles take them out in a pyrotechnic display. Protect your wounded side in a last desperate bid to make warp distance. Take a breath when it’s over.

But it pays to think, too

It’s not action-only around here. A shrewd player can take a very different approach. Hire a mercenary or two, set your turrets to custom AI stances, and talk your way out of a scrap.

Hang out in the bar, and you might get a hot tip about a relief vessel sent to a world wracked by famine. A smart trader might want to get there first and offload a few tons of meat while the price is right. An unscrupulous one might make sure the relief vessel never arrives at all.

Or you could choose to be virtuous, too. There’s always that option…