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Precipice is the latest game from the indie duo at Little Red Dog Games, Inc. The Canadian studio is known for their work on the impressively complex Deep Sixed, as well as the nation-building/management game Rouge State. Much like their earlier efforts, Precipice promises a deep strategy game, packed full of choices and relationship management. You'll attempt to foster good relations through diplomatic visits or gifts of money, and if that doesn't work, simply overthrow the opposing government via your spy network. There's a vast array of options and unwilling subjects at your disposal.

LRDG has carefully selected 72 of the world's nations and marked them as pawns in your game of nuclear chess. Controlling either the Soviet Union or the United States, you must forge alliances, engage in subterfuge, conduct warfare and otherwise attempt to win the Cold War by any means necessary. What is strategic diplomacy without any risks, however? For every action you engage in or is uncovered by your rival, an equal and opposite reaction might result. Starting off from basic diplomatic cables all the way to the planet consumed in nuclear fire, actions can escalate quickly and rapidly. Do you risk the end of the world over a military buildup in East Germany? How about taking issue with the invasion of Latin America? The choices and the fate of the world are in your hands.

Clearly taking inspiration from Twilight StrugglePrecipice aims to capture the deep and rewarding complexity of a deadly game of nuclear chicken, albeit with a more lighthearted approach. World leaders are represented by animal stand-ins, and while there are no cards to play or dice to roll, the core of building alliances in order to avert catastrophe remains the same. In the war of nuclear weapons, mutually assured destruction means no one wins.

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LRDGames, Inc.
LRDGames, Inc.
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May 1, 2019 (Calendar)
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