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Big Blue Bubble
Big Blue Bubble
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December 20, 2021 (Calendar)
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Get ready to shred some guitar against demonic hordes in Power Chord, a brand new roguelike from indie developer Big Blue Bubble. 

In Power Chord, you build a team of characters who must literally band together to take on hordes of demonic entities as they try to take over the world. Choose your bandmates wisely, as they each bring their own unique style into the game to fight back against the demons. Battles are done with a card-based system, with hundreds of cards to discover as you fight and take down the demonic forces. Create combos with your bandmate's cards, and become a truly rocking force as you go through the game.

Power Chord currently is in early access, with a demo available. It will be available for the PC. 

Developer Quote

Battle of the Bands—Turn-based card combat pits you against the demon gangs of Helmoth in a tour to take back the city, one dive bar at a time
Band Together—Each band member brings their own unique cards and gear to change up your gameplay
Amped Up—Discover new cards as you brawl stage-to-stage, unlocking new strategies to take down demons and strengthen your instruments of destruction
Encore!—Rogue-like gameplay means that no two tours are ever the same