Pokémon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y

The 6th Generation of Pokémon comes with a brand new look! Pokémon X and Y is the first fully 3-D Pokémon game featuring over 450 catchable Pokémon, with over 70 brand new Pokémon in the French-inspired Kalos region. New features included the addition of customizable clothing and hairstyles, and the addition of Mega Evolutions, mysterious, powerful items that further evolve more Pokémon beyond their power limits! 

With full 3-D models mixed in with classic Pokémon gameplay, Pokémon X and Y is the first step into the modern era of Pokémon games, a trend that has continued to this day. 

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Game Freak
Nintendo 3DS
Release Date
October 12, 2013 (Calendar)
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