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Phantom Abyss is a game where players dive into a series of procedurally-generated temples where they have to reach the end and secure the golden idol. Players will be faced with a wide variety of classic traps along the way, as well as facing off against the Guardian of the temple who will try to hinder the players progress. You'll only ever get one attempt to clear a temple, if you fail then you'll be moved on to a new procedurally-generated tunnel. Each of these unique temples shows up for a variety of players who will all try to complete the map. With your trusty whip in hand you'll aim to reach further and further into the temple by picking up keys, and unlocking new boons from the Olmec deity that is trapped in the temple with you.

Any players who have attempted to clear a temple before you will appear as a phantom in your run. You can use this to get an idea of where they went, what they did.... and what killed them. After failing to complete a temple you can share out the temple code to your friends who also play Phantom Abyss giving them a chance to complete the temple themselves, and bring back any loot you lost within.

Phantom Abyss hit Steam Early Access on June 22nd 2021, there's no current word when the game will be fully released.