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Quinn K.
Quinn K.
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January 5, 2022 (Calendar)

An Outcry is a horror RPG developed and published by Quinn K. Set in Vienna, you play as "the Unnamed", a 25-year-old shut-in who accidentally locks themself out of their apartment in the middle of the night. Little does the Unnamed know that this night will become the strangest of his life, as strange creatures start to surround the apartment complex.

Gameplay in An Outcry is spent exploring the apartment complex as you try to figure out what is happening. You'll come across some of the other inhabitants of the complex, learning more about their troubles. There are also the many bird-like creatures that are slowly infesting the area, which seem to talk in rhymes. While they can be talked with, it often won't lead to anything good.

Make multiple choices and try to keep the Unnamed alive across 2 main routes and 5 endings, and learn the truth behind the evil that is stalking you.

Developer Quote

Harass your neighbours. Debate with birds. Smoke to survive.

On the fourth floor of an apartment complex in Vienna, five people lead their lonely lives.

Behind door #3 lives the Unnamed, a 25-year-old shut-in:
A smoker, interested in bikes, books and music, in the grip of heavy anxiety and poverty.

By complete chance, the Unnamed would lock themself out of their apartment one fateful night, and be placed in your hands.

The night of the 14th of October 2017
was no ordinary night-
A heavy beating of strange wings filled the air with the scent of smoke, and covered the stars in an ink-like rot.

It is your mission to ensure the Unnamed's safety as the shadows close around them. Make certain they survive; choose their path carefully.