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Tiny Magicians
HypeTrain Digital
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Your nightmare has now come to life. Project Pendulum was a disaster, and now you are faced with the impending threat of bloodthirsty and flesh-hungry mongrels that roam the island. The worst part of being on an island is that there is nowhere to run, no escape. You are now forced to take this new impending threat head-on, and attempt to survive at all costs. 

Players will embody Howard Chapman, a detective who snuck onto the island in order to determine exactly what events occurred that caused this horrific incident. As you traverse the vast open world, you will stumble across secrets, clues, and treasures that have been strewn about. You will also come face to face with the Transformed, which is the nickname for the creatures that are attempting to gnaw your arm off. You need to think on your feet, and quickly. Will you attack the horde guns blazing? Or will you use stealth-like tactics to avoid them and evade detection? The choice is yours, but make sure to make the right choice. Your life depends on it.