Omnibion War

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Crazy Bullet
1C Entertainment
Release Date
February 6, 2020 (Calendar)
Action, Indie
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An Ancient weapon called Omnibion risks being obtained by your foes, the Hellhounds. In Omnibion War, it's up to you to stop them using a flying mech that can morph into a high-tech space jet at any moment and shoot through the galaxy in this 3D on-rails shoot 'em up. Omnibots, roll out!

Developer Quote

5 years have passed since the victory of the Coalition of United Colonies over the Omnigans. But the fragile times of peace and prosperity were again disrupted. Once CUC allies, The Hellhounds now unleash chaos and violence throughout the galaxy. They will stop at nothing in order to gain control of Omnibion, a powerful ancient device created by the Omnigans.

Become Jaeden, ace pilot of the late “Icarus” squad and strap yourself in as you again fire up the mighty engines of the A.A.V.G. gunship. Its immense firepower and the ability to rapidly transform between a space jet and a flying mech make it the humanity’s most advanced fighting machine.