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Game Info
Estudio Ábrego
Release Date
August 2, 2018 (Calendar)
Tactical RPG
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A Kickstarted Tactical RPG drawing from greats like Final Fantasy Tactics and Chrono TriggerNoahmund is the first project by Developer Estudio Ábrego. Working with the Square Enix Collective, they are hoping to bring a unique experience that captures the essence of titles of old. Here are some details from the developer on the title:

The Story So Far

The land of Feros is at war. Galina Angstroud, an agent of Shinn, is the only one willing to search and destroy Salaber’s most powerful weapon – deployed months ago with deadly results. As Feros burns, Gallina begins a journey for truth and salvation accompanied by her loyal guardian, Berani Valenti – fighting against the odds to end the war between the North and South ... and save lives.

The Grid

Borrowing from classic strategy RPGs, Noahmund’s exploration and battle systems feature highly detailed 3D characters and hand-drawn environments. A tactical grid system makes it straightforward for players to mount frontal attacks, execute flanking maneuvers, strike from a distance, and even set up traps! However, decisions must be made quickly: Combat takes place in real time, so one wrong move can easily turn the tide of battle.

Key Features

  • Enjoy an engaging storyline filled with deep mythology, unique characters, and menacing foes.
  • Experience a challenging, tactical, real-time combat system where proper positioning and timing are critical to victory!
  • Explore vast worlds filled with dungeons and puzzles featuring a classic board game node-based exploration system.
  • Upgrade your characters and learn powerful abilities to defeat your enemies.
  • Lose yourself in Noahmund’s beautiful, award-winning soundtrack.