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Nintendo Switch
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April 29, 2022 (Calendar)

Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports game released — as the name might give away — by Nintendo for the Switch. It combines seven different sports that can be played solo, locally with friends, or online. These sports are:


Possibly the least like the original sport, football features up to 8 players kicking an oversized football in either one-on-one or four-on-four matches. This is also the only game that is compatible with the Joy-Con Leg Strap accessory, included with physical copies of Nintendo Switch Sports.


Available for up to 4 players, this one will be very familiar to those that played many hours of Wii Sports.


For smaller, quicker matches, try some 2 player badminton instead.


This 4 player sport will require some coordination from each team, as they pass the ball to each other, and block attempted shots. Proper timing is key, as completing each step successfully will let you smash the ball with extra power.


Another Wii Sports classic, now with support for 16-player knockout games online. For solo players, you also have the option to take on challenge lanes with extra obstacles.


Returning in an enhanced form from Wii Sports Resort, chambara allows 2 players to fight each other with foam swords. There are multiple weapon types, including the basic sword, a more more advanced charge sword, and even the option to dual wield.

Developer Quote

Swing, kick and spike your way to victory in Nintendo Switch Sports for Nintendo Switch!

Grab a Joy-Con controller and use real-world movements to take part in a variety of sporting activities that’ll get your body moving. Gather your friends and family to join in the fun on the same Nintendo Switch console, or seek out new competitors in online multiplayer!