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Yacht Club Games
Yacht Club Games
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Mina the Hollower is a 2D action-adventure platformer where you are Mina, a Hollower who is trying to rescue a cursed island in a 8-bit visual style that should forcefully remind you of the Gameboy Color. There are also modern touches added to the game, such as detailed animations, widescreen visuals, and the rock-solid controls you'd expect from Yacht Club Games, the team behind the Shovel Knight series.

As for what you'll be doing as Mina, you'll be burrowing beneath monsters and hazards while using your whip to beat up your foes. There's also a cast of kooky characters that you'll meet in exotic locations as you try and discover what's behind the mystery of the cursed island.

Mina the Hollower will launch on PC in December 2023.