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Kitfox Games
Kitfox Games
Release Date
October 15, 2020 (Calendar)
Simulation, Indie
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Become a detective in Lucifer Within Us, as you fight the inner Daemons of the world around you. 

Play as a 'digital exorcist' for the Church of Ain Soph's Inquisition, as you search for the sinners in the world around you to ensure a continued harmony amongst the population. Find humans, taken over by these digital daemons, and discover the truth as to which humans are infected to exorcise their wicked corruption

Question suspects, expose lies, and discover who is possessed in without the aid of QTEs, plot twists or mini-games. Just you and your wits are all that stand in the way of uncovering the daemons that walk amongst you in Lucifer Within Us

Lucifer Within Us will be available on the PC and Mac starting October 15th. 

Developer Quote

Investigate timelines.

Question your suspects. Watch their movements and testimonies closely, as the reconstruction may be based on lies. Use contradictions and clues to form your own hypothesis. Who is lying and why? Who is possessed? You must decide what is the truth for yourself, based on the evidence presented.

Real mystery-solving.

No hidden plot twists, no QTEs, no random puzzles or mini-games, just you and the information. Don’t just act like a detective -- BE a detective. Finding the murderer will require true understanding of the case, not just following the story.

Banish daemonic A.I.

Enter the minds of citizens to gain insight into what they don’t want you to know. Dig through their subconscious and accuse the guilty in order to cast out their daemons, for the good of the Inquisition. Any damage done to a citizen’s psyche as a result of quarantine, exorcism, or rehabilitation is a consequence of their own immorality.

Expose the False Utopia.

Through centuries of indoctrination, humanity is taught to think pure thoughts and speak true words, untainted by falsehoods and delusions. Yet beneath this facade of purity, you find dark desires stir deep within people’s hearts, yearning for release.