Live by the Sword: Tactics

Live by the Sword: Tactics

Live by the Sword: Tactics is an old-school tactical RPG where the player controls two brothers who must save a kingdom from being consumed by war. This title includes 5 vs 5 battles and 7 unique classes: the Alchemist, Archer, Assassin, Brawler, Medic, Warrior and Wizard. There are also many modes to try, such as the Roguelite Adventure Mode, which has players building the world as they explore it. There's also a Tactician Mode that gives players battle scenarios to solve, and included tools that can be used to create custom battlefields.

Live by the Sword: Tactics is available on Steam and will be released out of Early Access in Q3 2022.

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Game Info
Labrador Studios
Labrador Studios
Release Date
June 23, 2021 (Calendar)
Indie, RPG, Strategy
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