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Amazu Media
Amazu Media
Android, IOS, PC
Release Date
November 10, 2017 (Calendar)

Light Apprentice - The Comic Book RPG is an indie game that started on iOS and Android. After spending some time in early access, it launched on Steam on November 10. Part turn-based RPG, part point-and-click adventure, the game lives on its comic book aesthetic. Three volumes are planned for the game, and it launched with the first one completely finished with four chapters of playable content.

The story follows Nate, a Light Apprentice, who is on the hunt to save his four fellow apprentices. Only the power of these five characters can save the planet of Ethenia from destruction onset by environmental abuse. He was awoken from a 300-year nap by Tlob, an exploring witch who has vowed to save the world. Since he was asleep, a war ravaged the planet, leaving the Yhrosian empire in power. Their evil ways will lead to the decay of Ethenia if left unchecked, so it's up to Nate and his cohorts to stop the empire. Along the way, they work to fight corrupt leaders and help rebels undermine the empire.

The story is told through cutscenes that unfold as different panels on a comic book page. Players can explore the environment by clicking on paths to move around. Throughout the game, players can make choices that determine if the main characters are more aggressive or pacifist, and these decisions determine their combative capabilities, fundamentally changing how the game plays. Each fight is done in typical turn-based fashion where each unit is assigned an action.

Light Apprentice was developed by Danish studio Amazu Media, a company with experience in making online comics that strives to make "meaningful entertainment."