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Legion TD 2
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AutoAttack Games
AutoAttack Games
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October 1, 2021 (Calendar)
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Beginning life as a Warcraft III custom game back in 2009, the original developers have put in the work to make Legion TD its own standalone game. With Legion TD 2, they've been able to implement leaderboards, different game modes, seasons, and a ton of other features.

In Legion TD 2, you battle your opponents to see who can survive the endless wave of enemies the longest. Instead of your standard tower defense where you build stationary towers to output damage, you're building an army to protect your king. 

Developer Quote

Defend your lane

Endless waves of enemies threaten your king. Assemble your army from over 100 unique fighters, each with its own strengths and abilities. Empower your defenses with auras and spells, and change the tides of battle by unleashing powerful mercenary attacks. How many waves can you last before your defenses collapse and your king falls? Outwit and break your opponents before they break you.

Choose your playstyle

Build defensively to hold the line against swarms of enemies, play offensively to smash through your opponents' fighters, or prioritize economy to scale into the late game and become an unbreakable juggernaut. Every game requires adaptation, but play to your strengths to achieve victory.

Master your legions

Choose from 8 unique legions and over 100 fighters. Select fighters from each legion for 12 million possible combinations. Some fighters secure you strategic advantages in the early game. Others facilitate powerful late game synergies.


Infinite replayability. No two games are the same.
Finely tuned game balance to ensure strategic variety and competitive fairness.
2v2 and 4v4 matchmaking. Party as 1-8 players.
Single-player and cooperative campaign. Play vs. AI modes.
Weekly challenges to hone your skills and compete for top score.
Elo ranking system, leaderboards, and community / official tournaments.
Global servers for cross-region multiplayer.
No pay to win.


Legion TD 2 is the sequel to the 2nd most popular Warcraft 3 mod of all time, Legion TD. Also known as Squadron TD in Starcraft 2. The top 5 most played Warcraft 3 mods are DotA, Legion TD, Wintermaul, Footmen Frenzy, and Life of a Peasant. Legion TD is proud to hold the silver medal