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ByteRockers Games
ByteRockers Games
Release Date
April 29, 2021 (Calendar)
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Developer ByteRockers games present a unique twist on the roguelike genre with the mountain-climbing Insurmountable.

Play as one of three mountain climbers as you try to climb to the top. Along the way, search crates, caves, and ruins for supplies, as you will need them to reach the summit. Grow your skills, become stronger, and be able to fight off the dangers of the mountain, from wild beasts to harsh weather. But be careful, as when you die, you die permanently. With three mountains to conquer, each of them procedurally generated, you need to push yourself to the limit to survive. 

Insurmountable is available for the PC and Linux.


Developer Quote

In the course of each of the three mysterious stories, you will meet dangerous animals, overcome deadly abysses, encounter sinister and well-meaning characters, who do not always have to be human. Here, too, each of your decisions decides the following events.

Three mountains have to be conquered at the end. One higher and deadlier than the previous one. Divide your forces and your equipment correctly, because you don't have a second attempt and you can forget about learning a route. In Insurmountable you have to cope with unknown dangers, react spontaneously to unpredictable events, and realize in the end that, as in life, you can't always know the consequences of your decisions, but you have to cope with them anyway and in the end, it often turns out differently than you thought.

Face the challenge of ever new and changing dangers, face snowstorms and the sheer force of nature, always keep your eyes on the summit, and overcome the insurmountable.

Key Features
no two climbs are alike
procedurally generated mountains
a dynamic world with different weather effects
hundreds of events with ever-changing outcomes
strategic gameplay in pathfinding, stat, and equipment management
3 characters with different abilities