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In Hyper Scape, players war across a digital city filled with deadly arms, equippable mod abilities, and a generous supply of jump pads. You and two squadmates must equip yourselves out and take on the competition before the final fight over a golden crown. Along the way, you'll double jump across rooftops, upgrade your guns via the unique fusion system, and hopefully find time to respawn if you take one between the eyes. Also, be on the lookout for the giant bouncy balls, map-wide vision hacks, and slow-motion fields inflicted by viewers on Twitch chat watching the carnage.

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Explore Neo Arcadia's streets and rooftops for intense firefights, cat-and-mouse chases, and unprecedented verticality. Solo or in a squad, in the streets or on rooftops, loot unique weapons and rule-bending Hacks to define your playstyle. Escape the Decay that dissolves city districts. Adapt to random game-changing effects. Fight to be the last one standing, or take the Crown and claim victory. A steady flow of customization options, new gameplay opportunities, and map changes keep the action fresh, season after season.