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August 4, 2020 (Calendar)
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Hellbound is a retro-style FPS in the mold of DoomQuake, and Unreal, but sporting a modern aesthetic. You are Hellgore, a man who has lost everything, and you must use your arsenal to avenge yourself upon the demons who took your people from you. To do so, you'll have to travel to their home turf and rip them apart bullet by bullet.

Being an old-school FPS, Hellbound is all about speed and catharsis. You won't find any lengthy lore text or upgradeable skill tree here. Instead, it's just you, guns, and demons who really don't want you to use the guns on them (but you should).

Developer Quote

Hellbound is a classic First Person Shooter style game. Like the good old days. An action game focused on speed, gore, guns, and metal music. Inspired by the 90s’ classics with modern visuals and audio!