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Art in Heart
Raw Fury
PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
December 31, 2020 (Calendar)
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The sequel to the award-winning IGF game winner GoNNER, GONNER2 offers more frantic action gameplay. A procedurally generated action-platformer with roguelike elements,  players will star as Ikk, a kind little hero who must team up with an unlikely ally - death itself - to take on a mysterious new force that Ikk must take down.

From indie developer Art in Heart, GONNER2 continues the style of GoNNER by crafting a strange and surreal world full of color and chaos to fight through. Combine tons of weapons and upgrades to blow away enemies, encounter crazy bosses fights and travel through a non-linear, procedurally generated level system that compliments the platformer shooter action. 

GONNER2 will be released for the Nintendo Switch and PC later this year. 

Developer Quote

"This is a game for the curious, the brave and the tad bit whimsical. Awaken your inner kid as you get into a sweet flow, flying through levels, shooting everything that moves and pulling off ludicrous, acrobatic destruction. All this while you discover the spooky and chaotic world that surrounds you with bursting colors."