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Can you restore your home to its former glory after technology ravages the land? Find out in Glyph, a new 3D platformer from indie developer Bolverk Games. 

The world is slowly dying after a mechanical monster was unleashed upon it, consuming everything in its path and leaving a toxic desert in its wake. Travel across over 80 levels where the goal is to find the resources you need to survive. Use your mechanized glyph to hover, jump, climb, roll, twist, and more as you explore this nonlinear world. Along with some time trials and intuitive controls, Glyph offers something for everyone, from the casual player to the hardcore speedrunner.

Glyph is available for the PC and the Nintendo Switch.


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Game Info
Bolverk Games
Bolverk Games
PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
August 9, 2021 (Calendar)
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