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Mode 7
Mode 7
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September 13, 2018 (Calendar)
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Frozen Synapse 2 is an open world strategy game set in the cyberpunk city of Markov Geist. Developed by Mode 7 It follows up the story from the first Frozen Synapse.

The player will assemble squads from a large repertoire of different unique units, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. With these squads, they can traverse the city to accomplish various objectives. The main one is to acquire "relics", powerful objects tied to the mysterious A.I. antagonist, Sonata.

Like in a game of Civilization, Frozen Synapse 2 has several factions vying for power, and it's up to you how to deal with them. By investing your money in them or disrupting their activities, you can ally with them, go to war, or attempt to remain neutral. On the world map, time will be paused by default, and the player can resume it at a normal or fast pace. When time is unpaused, factions will go about their business, patrolling their city districts, attacking other factions, or competing to be the first to acquire relics when the location of one is revealed in the city.

Combat takes place on the streets and in the buildings of Markov Geist. Unit movement is free in Frozen Synapse 2, as there is no grid. Both players plan out their turn, which they can then watch play out in a simulation, while enemy movement must be predicted. When both players (or the player and the A.I.) have created their plan, they hit a button and watch the resulting battle. Turns will end after a fixed amount of time (there is also an option for longer turns), where the process will be repeated.

The game can be played either in single player open world mode or multiplayer individual matches, which has a leader board. Both of these modes can be tailored with an assortment of special rules.