Expeditions: Viking

Expeditions: Viking
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Logic Artists
THQ Nordic
Release Date
April 27, 2017 (Calendar)
Strategy RPG

Expeditions: Viking is the second title in Logic Artists' strategic RPG Expeditions series. As you would expect from the title, you are a Viking who has been recently appointed as a chieftain of a modest Viking clan. As you want to make your mark on history and there's not much left to plunder-whether its fame, loot, or anything in between-you and your clan leave Norse lands and sail to the West.

You will have options to raid or trade and engage in war and politics. Whichever options you choose you'll be able to side with Norsemen, Picts, or Angles-all of which will change your reputation.

Developer Quote

Prepare for a grand adventure

As the newly appointed chieftain of a modest Viking clan, you’ll have a village of your very own. But to carve your name into the runestones of history you’ll need great strength, and great wealth to grow your village’s prosperity and renown. There is little left to be gained from the Norse lands and so you must set your sights on the the seas to the West, where tales speak of a great island filled with treasure ready for the taking.