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Logic Artists
THQ Nordic
Release Date
January 20, 2022 (Calendar)

Expeditions: Rome is the third title in the strategic RPG Expeditions series by Logic Artists. Players will take on the role of a Legatus, whose father has been murdered by an unknown political opponent. This forces the young Legatus to escape the Roman Republic across multiple military campaigns, that range from Greece to Egypt to Gaul. Be joined by a number of stalwart companions as your army, and influence, expand. 

Like the other titles in the Expeditions series, Rome is a tactical turn-based combat strategic RPG that allows players to play with its skill-based action system. There will be a variety of skills that can be used with four base classes, as well as many different weapons, armors, and tactical items that can be acquired on your journey. Players can upgrade their equipment, and formulate grand strategies with their own Roman Legions, so long as they have the resources needed to keep your army together. 

Expeditions: Rome is available for the PC.

Developer Quote

The future of Rome is in your hands: what will your legacy be?

Take on the role of a young Legatus whose father was murdered by an unknown political opponent, forcing you to escape Rome and take refuge in the military campaign to subdue a Greek rebellion. Step by step, you increase your military prowess, strengthen yourself in the forge of combat, and become the Legatus everyone learns to both respect, and to fear. In Expeditions: Rome, you exert the will of Rome through your actions across the world stage, from the bright blue coasts of Greece to the deep forests of Gaul. Decide how people will view you, and Rome. Will you strike with an iron fist, or speak with a silver tongue? Will you embrace the political heritage of the Republic, or carve your own path as you navigate the complex politics of the Roman Senate? Every choice matters as you decide the fate of your legion, your close companions, and of Rome itself.