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Verant Interactive
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March 16, 1999 (Calendar)
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EverQuest is the hit MMORPG that brought the genre into the mainstream. Originally developed by 989 Studios and published by Sony Online, the game was a passion project that aimed to take the multi-user dungeons, a text-based online multiplayer RPG genre, into 3D. It was one of the earliest games of the time to require 3D acceleration, and was both infamous and lauded for its demanding, difficult, social game play. The MMO is heavily based off of the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons, requiring spell memorization, the consumption of food and drink, and group play in order to survive its harsh, daunting world.

Ruins of Kunark cover art of Firiona Vie captured by Iskar.

EverQuest is still active to this day, with a dedicated community of fans and multiple servers both in the live and time locked progression styles, where the game cycle starts fresh every few years and slowly unlocks expansions as time moves forward so that new players can have a chance to experience a more classic representation of the game. It also enjoys the presence of fan-run servers, the most popular being Project 1999, which aims to take the game back to its roots by being as faithful a representation of the core game and its first two expansions as possible, all with the blessing of Daybreak games.

Although the population has been in decline, EverQuest still remains one of the more unique MMO experiences on the market, with new content and expansions released on a regular basis. It was succeeded by EverQuest 2, EverQuest Online Adventures, and the canceled EverQuest: Next.

Developer Quote

Welcome to EverQuest ® - the online game that started it all! No other MMO matches EverQuest's sheer content, now with 25 expansions and countless updates. EverQuest is free-to-play.

Now in its unprecedented 19th year, EverQuest continues to add immersive gameplay, captivating storytelling, and exciting worlds full of mystery, fantasy, and adventure.

Join a thriving, dedicated community, immerse yourself in hundreds of unique zones, battle thousands of creatures, and complete exciting quests. Group with friends and experience an online game the way it was meant to be: epic, legendary, and together.

Key Features:
Experience 19 years of continuous development including 25 expansions of amazing content
Build your character through 110 levels of power
More than 500 zones to explore
Choose from 16 unique races and 16 distinct classes
Earn thousands of Alternate Abilities available to further customize your character
Collect more than 50,000 items
Hire and control mercenaries to aid you in your heroic adventures
Solo, Group, and Raid across continents filled with perilous dungeons, eerie crypts, ancient fortresses, floating landscapes, alternate planes, and more