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Picorinne Soft
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October 17, 2019 (Calendar)
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A loving throwback to classic monster-catching RPG Pokemon, Disc Creatures is an indie RPG where players collect, train, and befriend hundreds of creatures as a certified Disc Trainer, leveling up your creatures as they take on all challengers.

Featuring over 200 creatures, all designed by Japanese indie artist SATTO, and throwback-styled graphics from the Game Boy Color days, Disc Creatures is more than just a clone of Pokemon, it is a monster collecting RPG made in the style of classic games in the genre, for fans of the genre, right down to the 20+ hours of gameplay and accompanying chiptune soundtrack!


Developer Quote

Disc Creatures is a tribute to classic monster catching RPGs from the golden days of portable gaming. Choose your three starter creatures and set off as a licensed Disc Ranger (a DiscR!) to tame the greatest of creatures and bring peace to the land! Disc Creatures is set in a world where humans live alongside a wildly varied cast of creatures, all with different personalities, abilities, and moral codes. Travel across a quaint, quirky landscape, taming creatures and helping those in need! Mysteries fill the land of Disc Creatures, and some are darker and more formidable than one might expect...