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Pyramid Games
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May 4, 2022 (Calendar)
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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter puts you in the shoes of a paleontologist on the hunt of new fossils. They must travel across the U.S. and make their way through mud, water, and other environmental hazards to find ancient dinosaur bones.

Thankfully, they have a few items that can make their job easier. The georadar can be used to find the remains of dinosaurs underground, while a variety of tools restore and preserve what's inside the fossils.

Finding fossils is not the only part of your paleontologist's journey. Once a dinosaur skeleton is completed, it can be placed inside a customizable museum. Skeletons can be arranged together alongside plants, rocks, and other props to create your own dioramas.

Developer Quote

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a storytelling simulator where you live a real paleontologist's life. Explore different lands, search, uncover and study uncovered fossils, and prepare the skeletons to build your own museum. You will learn many interesting facts about these extinct creatures that walked the Earth millions of years ago.