Demon Pit

Demon Pit - flying skulls
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1-UP Studio
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October 17, 2019 (Calendar)
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Demon Pit is a wave-based, arena-set first-person shooter in which you fight off demons with weapons like a shotgun, a machinegun, a flamethrower, and others. Limited health packs force you to be careful with every move. Strafe and jump to evade the onslaught while also getting around the arena. Use the grapple for a quick grab and flight across the arena. Combine all these moves to become an arena pro. Do your best to earn a spot on the leaderboard as you fight off all the flying skulls, armored knights, swarms of demon bugs, and other monstrosities that all want to see you dead and damned. Great for a retro FPS fix.

Developer Quote

Inspired by the fast-paced FPS games of the 1990s, Demon Pit is an intense arcade-style arena shooter. Armed with a series of ranged weapons and a soul grapple, you must fight and out maneuver endless waves of demons in a constantly changing environment. How long can you survive before they rip your flesh and claim your soul?