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Screwtape Studios
Screwtape Studios
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October 19, 2018 (Calendar)
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Damsel is a challenging 2D platformer with a focus on flow state. Once everything clicks, the game is a treat to move through.

To use the Steam page's description, "Damsel is a ballet, and you’re the choreographer."

As undercover government agent Damsel, the player is investigating the mysterious Red Mist Beverage Corporation. The company is allegedly smuggling human blood into their produced drinks. Vampires, of course, are eating it up. Any humans that discover this horror have been captured and are being held hostage.

Gameplay consists of shooting vampires with Damsel's shotgun, untying survivors, collecting skulls, and more. Mini-games threaten to break flow but provide extra points if finished quickly.

With a limited moveset, players must master a few mechanics rather than a vast skill tree. Wall jump over a set of enemies to attack from above, or avoid them with dash abilities.

Successful skills contribute to a score multiplier for bonus points. Leaderboards and an arcade mode extend longevity as well.

Players will witness some gorgeous art within each stage. Some levels showcase the horrific nature of this world, while others take place in factories and more traditional spaces.

Missions respect a player's time. Each one only takes up a few minutes of time, with optional extra challenges for those looking for more.

Damsel was developed by Screwtape Studios. The platformer is their first attempt outside of the mobile scene. It is available on PC and Mac via Steam, though a console release is in the works.

The game was a PAX Rising contender during PAX East 2016, and a Unite Melbourne selection as well.

Damsel uses the Unity engine, released in 2005 by Apple Inc. at its Worldwide Developers Conference. The engine is one of the most popular choices for independent developers, as it's versatile enough for 2D or 3D titles.