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Jasozz Games
3D Realms
Release Date
October 13, 2022 (Calendar)

CULTIC is an episodic first-person shooter that takes the classic era of PC FPS titles and adds some new things into the mix. The player has a greater degree of movement, as they can dodge and slide around arenas during their cult slaughtering rampage. The game world is also not quite the same as Build engine-style FPS games, offering up full object physics, real-time lighting, and fully 3D environments.

Chapter 1 includes the first 10 maps of CULTIC's story, with more offered via paid DLC.

Developer Quote

Rise up. Fight back.

Gear up to fight your way through the ranks of an insidious cult. Their wretched minds twisted by the will of an unseen entity, you'll find just as much lead flying back as you dish out, so you'll have to run, slide, dodge, and make use of your environment to survive in this old-school-inspired shooter.