Crunch Element

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Crunch Element is a co-op VR experience from the one-person indie developer Dreamlab XR. 

Play online with other players in virtual reality as you place wall charges, throw grenades, and use weapons to breach and clear compounds in real-time. Plan your movements carefully, and make sure you and your allies are coordinated together to plan your attack correctly. One wrong move can lead to nasty surprises on the other side. 

Because Crunch Element is made by a one person team, the game is currently in a long-form early access. Short term plans include quality of life updates and bug fixes, but long term additions will include weapon modifications, procedural elements, objective types and enhanced enemy A.I behavior. 

 Crunch Element is available now for PC through Steam VR. 


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Dreamlab XR
Dreamlab XR
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December 19, 2020 (Calendar)
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