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Chasm is a Metroidvania platforming adventure game with pixel art where the world is procedurally generated using a different seed each time you start a new campaign. Sticking to an old-school spirit, the save system is straightforward. If you die, you return to your last saved game, unless you opt for the hardcore mode, where your character will be deleted upon death.

Your mission as a knight recruit is to investigate a recently abandoned mine in a small village. The villagers disappeared after the miners reawakened an ancient evil deep underground. The deeper you get, the more you discover of the story, which is told through characters you meet, journals you find along the way, and the environment itself. The world of Chasm is split into six zones, each with a different backdrop, theme, set of enemies, and final boss. As you explore them, you will save captured villagers and expand your inventory with the equipment they sell, combining weapons and spells in various ways. Loot is also randomly dropped by enemies and found in chests.

Although the world is procedurally generated, the rooms are all handcrafted but assembled differently depending on the seed you choose when you create your campaign. You have the choice of either randomizing it or picking the same as a friend. As any Metroidvania game, Chasm has you progressively unlocking items that provide you with ways to traverse the world in new ways, letting you backtrack to find secrets you passed earlier in the game.

Chasm was originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign back when the developers went under the name Discord Games, which was later changed to Bit Kid. The game has been in development for six years, and it draws inspiration from games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Diablo.

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Bit Kid
Bit Kid
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July 31, 2018 (Calendar)
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