Cover art, showing one of the locations and map of Casus
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Spliced Games
Spliced Games
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August 21, 2020 (Calendar)
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Casus is an indie game full of adventure where you progress through labyrinths and discover the past using clues scattered in the harsh environment. It's an old-school dungeon crawler with some modern twists where you draw your own map as you explore a world forgotten by mankind.

Developer Quote

Explore a world filled with mystery. Gather treasure from the ivy-covered swamps, avoid the spiked floors of an abandoned town, take an elevator to the top of a sprawling city, and more...

Map your grid-based dungeons using the digital grid paper interface. Mark down doors, treasures, traps, enemies, puzzles, and more.

With no one else to rely on, craft your own gear from materials gathered in the dungeon. Obtain crafting materials from treasure chests, creatures, and deadly bosses.

Choose one of 6 classes and 3 specializations to inflict enemies with poison, power yourself up for deadly strike, shoot creatures with your hand-crafted gun, and more.

Encounter more than 80 unique enemies and 4 bosses as you explore the dungeons.