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Intrepid Marmot
Intrepid Marmot
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March 17, 2022 (Calendar)
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Buggos is an RTS Auto Battler where players will breed and direct a bug swarm to conquer a planet from humanity throughout a six-part campaign of 36 missions. You are a young hive mind bent on world domination, and the humans living on the planet will resist your efforts every step of the way, bringing their best forces against your Buggos. The game is a low-stakes strategy title meant that be played while leaning back in your chair. There's still strategy involved, but its mainly to assemble, evolve, and manage your Buggo swarm that mostly listens to your every command.

Buggos is now available on Steam.

Developer Quote

Buggos is an RTS Auto Battler where you direct a bug swarm to conquer the planet from the dirty resident humans! You unlock evolution points when defeating the humans in battle allowing you to customize your bug swarm. You are the bad guys! You are the evil bugs! You are here for blood!