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Simon Fredholm
Simon Fredholm
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July 15, 2019 (Calendar)
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Break the Game is kind of like someone mashed together The Stanley Parable with Thomas Was Alone and threw in a dash of Metroidvania, and that alone might sell you on it.

Kevin is in a game. Unfortunately, Kevin does not want to be in a game. Escaping is hard, but with the help of his friends, he just might be able to break the game from the inside out and get his freedom. Wouldn't that be nice?

From the Break the Game Steam Store page:

Developer Quote

I'm Kevin.
Something is keeping me in here.
I need someone from the outside.

Please help me.

Į́ ͟͢͢DID̡̀ ͜N̛O̷T̸̵ ̶͟WRI͞͞͞T̵̀͡E̸ T̛HI͝͞S, ͢͞D҉Ò̷̕N̸̕͏'T̴ ̀͜LĄ͘UŅC̡H ͘͢͡TH͜E͜ ̨̕͢GĄ̛ME IS -ST̕AY̛ ͘͢Ą́͝W̷̷AY
S̡TA̢Y̛ ҉̨A̶W͠A̸̡͡Y̢͢
Ś̢͟TA̛Y͏͏́ ̶́͘AWA̸̕Y
ST̢͝AY A̢W҉̀͞Ą́͘YST́AY̵͠ ͜͞A͜͟͝WA̸̧͘Y

What is this?

The game is the "sequel" to the small free game "Escape the Game". The game is heavily influenced by games like Thomas was Alone, Undertale, The Stanley Parable, Lisa and various story-driven games. Throughout the whole game, Kevin and other characters will constantly talk with you. Banter on choices you do or just talk about random pointless stuff. The game also includes a collection of weapons, awesome music, aliens, the meaning of life, yadda yadda. You know, normal gaming stuff.